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Jim's knowledge of dogs came at an early age. His father was in the military and as a child Jim lived on a high security air force base off the coast of Japan for four years. This is where he was first introduced to security police dogs and dogs being trained for service in Vietnam. The seeds were planted and took root and his love and passion for dogs began here.

His father was re-stationed to Craig Air Force Base in Alabama for 9 years where his family lived in off base housing. Around the housing development were a large number of feral dogs. These semi-wild dogs would be fed by people in the neighborhood or fend for themselves by eating out of the trash or taking down animals in the local woods. Jim spent many hours with them, both in the neighborhood and in the woods. He got an early feel for their social interaction and their natural pack development. He was also introduced to hunting dogs (both field and hound), as well as having his own Terrier, Sam, that was an excellent squirrel hunter and was like his shadow. After this dog, Jim was introduced to his first German Shepherd, named Baron. Baron was a grey sable male who was an aggressive dog in the neighborhood and who people feared. Jim befriended and tamed him, and they became best friends. Jim was only ten years old but transformed Baron into a completely off leash trained and controlled loving companion. He even pulled Jim's wagon around the neighborhood, helping him to deliver papers! He trained Baron by applying the techniques he learned by the military trainers, his own observations with the feral dogs, and the gifting that he feels the Lord gave him to communicate with animals.

Jim began his professional training studies in 1978. Since that time he has trained thousands of dog/handler teams; for obedience, police K-9, Schutzhund, and personal protection. He has worked in Massachusetts, Arizona, and New Hampshire, where he now runs an all breed training facility…..training everything from toy breeds up to giant ones; helping people from all walks of life to learn relationship interaction and prevention of problems, and how to interpret and understand their dog's behavior. Jim was also schooled in professional all breed grooming, and managed two grooming shops in addition to establishing his present business. Granite State Dog Training Center is licensed by the state of New Hampshire as a post secondary educational facility, where grooming courses are offered for those who wish to enter into the grooming industry.

In 1991, Jim was one of the first two Schutzhund competitors in New England to receive "Schutzhund Teaching Helper Status". This prestigious title was conferred on him by Deiter Hupp; an official judge who traveled from Germany specifically to critique the abilities of all Schutzhund trainers in New England. This designation enabled Jim to hold Schutzhund Training Helper seminars anywhere in the United States. Jim raised and trained his dog Zack to Schutzhund III, the Master's level of the sport, where he competed in national and regional competitons. To this date, Jim and Zack are only one of two owner-trained pairs to have ever won the Schutzhund III New England Regional Championships twice. Zack is also the foundation dog of Warrior Kennels, where Jim has been breeding German Shepherds for the last 21 years.

Because of his broad range of accomplishments, Jim is sought after for seminars, lectures, and demonstrations in tracking, obedience, and protection. He has also been the guest of several radio talk shows, as well as television interviews.

Jim's wife Kyla graduated from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is the Vice President and office administrator of the business. Kyla loves working with our clients and handling customer relations.

Jim, Kyla, and their three children reside in southern New Hampshire.