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Granite State Dog Training Center
Granite State Dog Training Center


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Some of our customers have been good enough to share their Granite State Dog Training Center experiences with us and we wanted to share them with you.

"[Zeke] was PERFECT in every way. He is a wonderful dog. You, as a breeder, should be proud of his accomplishments."
Janice Lariviere

"Training and Day Care at Granite State Dog Training Center have been a very positive experience for our family."
Liz and Aaron Bartlett

"When [Ellie] was 12 months old (and only 85 pounds), I had taken her to a Pet Store obedience class, which was completely ineffective. Your advice on how to modify my behavior at home, helping me to understand why she behaves the way she does, in addition to the training classes, has resulted in a 180 degree turn-around in Ellie's temperament and personality! It's like owning a whole new dog."
Jennifer Rock

"Cinder joined our family in September 2008 as a German Shepherd puppy full of promise. Not knowing what this lively ball of fur would grow and mature into, we put our trust in our own good sense and made sure we took advantage of the socialization and the training program offered by Jim Ward at the Granite State Dog Training Center."
Maureen Kirk, Owner, Hollis, NH

"My husband and I took both our dogs there 12 yrs ago, Luna and Sterling and went thru all three levels of obedience with our dogs, would do it again in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, may very well be going back with our new GS puppy."
Jill Cuddihy

"Great place to get your dogs trained, we took our German Shepherd there for all his classes little over two years ago. Now we started with our second German Shepherd and can't wait to go back to get more training with him and do the K9 good citizen test. Jim and Brenda are fantastic with the animals"
Kerstin Hampton

"Awesome place to get your dog trained. Jim is very good with all the dogs and his training techniques work remarkably well with my American Pitbull Terrier. I would recommend this place to any dog owner."
Marsha Goulet

"I took a very dominate dog to Jim years ago. If I didn't do something this dog was going to attack someone. Jim helped me immensely and that dog became the most trustworthy and reliable pet. I swear by Jim's methods. He truly has a gift and I always tell people to go to him. Haven't seen him in years but I would take a dog to him again no questions asked!"
Andrea Ganley