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Granite State Dog Training Center
Granite State Dog Training Center

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Granite State Dog Training Center, home of Warrior Kennels, is known nationwide as a producer of excellent quality German Shepherd Dogs. We offer stud services, young adult as well as puppy sales. Our dogs are bred from a blending of select East German, West German, Czech, and Russian bloodlines - they are known for superior temperament and sound structure. Warrior Kennel shepherds have been successful in schutzhund, police K-9, home and personal protection, hiking companions and search and rescue, while showing tremendous stability in the family and around children. Workability, trainability, and willingness to please are temperament traits of a Warrior Kennel dog. They live for the family or individual owner.

Currently, no puppies are available

We will be breeding new litters in the near future, so please check back later. We occasionally have young adult or adult German Shepherds for sale. Please contact us for more information.
Contact us today, in Amherst, New Hampshire, to request an appointment for grooming or boarding.